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Paris love story: PSG, fans try to find common ground after Champions League collapse
(Mar 2019) PARIS — This is a love story disguised as a soccer game. And like all good love stories, it’s filled with hope, disappointment, and a few huge explosions. Paris-St. Germain defeated longtime

‘Catastrophe,’ peak TV’s finest love story, drifts away as beautifully as it began
on 19th of Mar 2019 Spoiler alert: This review discusses plot points in the final season of Amazon Prime’s “Catastrophe.” We’ve come to the end of Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s exceptional British dramedy “Catastrophe,

‘Toy Story 4’ trailer will have you falling in love with a spork
on 19th of Mar 2019 Toy Story 4 has just released an official trailer that is both touching and slightly terrifying. The teaser shows the whole gang back together, with one unlikely new friend that we’ve already fallen

Future ‘Transformers’ Movies May Include A Robot ‘Love Story’ Or Two
on 19th of Mar 2019 To the surprise of just about everyone, the Michael Bay-less Transformers franchise reboot Bumblebee was a really, really good movie. As a result, executive producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s

Caregiver role spurs love of volunteering at St. Agnes
Mar 20th, 2019 04:13 UTC “It’s a very special place, and there is not anything like it. They are so good to the guests. Guests have become very good friends and they laugh and love to sing. “I get as much enjoyment out of it

Prevention Point is a huge part of this Kensington couple’s love story
on 19th of Mar 2019 This essay was written by Jillian Bauer-Reese and originally published on Kensington Voice, a new community-driven newsroom serving the heart of Kensington. If an overdose occurs at Wilfredo Laboy and

A story of love and new beginnings
on 19th of Mar 2019 As a child and teenager, Peri suffered abuse in many forms, including physical, sexual and mental abuse, at the hands of her parents. It wasn’t until she was placed at Wedgwood Christian Services, did

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