A Construction Crew Has Just Doomed Us All

Haven’t we seen this one? A construction crew unearthing what they thought to be an amazing discovery — a triceratops skeleton. It was found in Thornton, Colorado at a construction site on Friday. Joe Sertich from the Denver Museum says it’s only three triceratops skulls found in the Front Range area. Okay.

Sertich said, “A lot of times these will be plowed up and they won’t be recognized. We’re really lucky in this case that it was recognized as fossils and we got the call.”

Obviously Sertich did not see the movie. This is how it starts.

66 million years old –- That is basically 5 times older than any other triceratops skeleton found in this region.

“As soon as [we] uncovered it and realized this was a horn of a triceratops and not just another leg bone or part of a hip, it made the site really exciting,” Sertich said.

The construction crews were digging deeper than normal because they were preparing to install the foundation for a large building. This is similar to a recent series aired on Netflix. For those who are familiar with the plot, it is clear that before investigating more into the triceratops skeleton, it should be determined who contracted this crew and which [shell] company has purchased the land before construction began there.

We certainly expect to learn more as circumstances behind this discovery unravels.