Be smart, stay fit and feel great right now

We’ve started arguing with devices, to turn the lights off, set room temperatures to cooler — and blast music loud enough to reach the neighbors.

The future has arrived and people’s fitness is in jeopardy. Time to hunt through the clothes basket and find something athletic to wear. Then lets go outside for a walk.

Researchers examined data of 60,000 women who reported their exercise habits. The women were current and retired teachers when the study began. “In our study, we found that maintaining exercise levels was protective against stroke, and that taking up exercise when not being active while younger was also protective,” Dr. Joshua Willey of Columbia University Medical Center said.

Among all the usual health improvements, exercise can actually alter the internal workings of cells to improve your body’s defense mechanism.

Diet and Fitness Expert Louise Parker from the UK said that during long holidays, like summer vacation, exercise routines gets disrupted. There are tricks of the trade people can do to give themselves a bit of a redo. These tricks are well known. Things like cutting junk food, watch the salt, follow a food plan, and drink plenty of water.

A fitness coach at Iron Tribe in Madison, Caroline Whitley said wearing fun athletic accessories is also a good idea. She suggest to not underestimate the power of a cute accessory in the gym. “It can definitely make a difference … they (people) feel good about themselves coming into the gym, then they’ll get their workout, and they’ll feel good as they leave too!”

Also, were you aware that taking breaks — from sitting — every 30 minutes will improve your health. A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine said sitting for excessively long periods of time regardless of a regular exercise schedule, is still a health risk. If you are watching a television series, get up every now and then. Go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water, or go to the window and see if you spot any burglars in your neighbor’s yard. It will help significantly.

Oh, and stop arguing with your devices. It’s just weird.