Fashion is not egocentric, it is anti-racist

Today a 22 year, white supremacist, found himself restrained in handcuffs. According to witnesses, he charged into a crowd of demonstrators who were protesting a street named after some misconceived Confederate general in Hollywood, Florida. At 22, it is inconceivable what would drive him into this racist frenzy. Perhaps the influence of a grandparent who had embraced segregation back in the 50’s.

However, a more urgent question bothered spectators. How was this evil doer dressed? Why was he wearing black instead of the traditional ghostly sheet. Also, what color shoes. While it may appear that people can indeed be vain, maybe they are not — after all, color is what white supremacists are all about — and fashion is anti-racist.

He showed up at the protest in a black shirt emblazoned with the logo for the Florida League of blah, blah, blah, a white nationalist group that wants the Confederate states to secede from the Union again and create a society led by white, “Christian people” of European descent. Because, Jesus did in fact command his followers to hate everyone outside of Europe. O.M.G.

On Tuesday, another person drew attention for their fashion. President Trump and the first lady arrived in Harvey devastated Texas to rally the troops. Melania Trump wore a pair of high heels, pants, an army green bomber jacket and sunglasses. This of course vexed liberals.