The Great British Bake Off now on UK’s Channel 4

When people think Britain, a few things pop into mind — the City of London, English accents, and if you are one of the more sensible ones, then yummy bakeries. Try apple cake with an angel delight — but seeing I don’t live in the UK, I’m left with the next best thing, new episodes of The Great British Bake Off.

It became one of the most popular programs on BBC. After seven seasons, its producer, Love, signed a deal to move broadcast over to Channel 4. The the first episode of season eight aired on Aug. 29th, 2017.

It turns out that someone forgot the bread in the oven, possibly one of the original judges, Paul Hollywood. He is getting burnt by fans for betraying his co-judge, Mary Berry.  Berry left the show when it hopped channels and Hollywood stayed.

The series just kicked off biscuit week where bakers have to make fortune cookies in the form of board game pieces as the challenge.


Chris Geiger became the second baker to leave, where according to Hollywood, “Everything fell to pieces for him (Chris ); it’s a real shame as he has got some fantastic ideas.”

Chris  said, “My worst moment has to be the technical challenges, they were terrifying and clearly my downfall. Making a fortune cookie didn’t work for me – Stacey messed up too and had a second go, but I didn’t have the energy to do it again.”

While The Great British Bake Off is a good reminder that if you can’t handle the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. It is also a nice excuse for those of us who never learnt to cook — and that is watching the glass of ginger tea as being half full, my friend.

The Great British Bake Off, often referred to as Bake Off or GBBO, is a British television baking competition which selects from among its contestants the best amateur baker. The series was initially presented by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins and judged by cookery writer Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood. It has been broadcast under the name The Great British Baking Show in the United States and Canada. Wikipedia