Bike, hike and rafting six-hundred miles of excruciating fun

An adventure begins — get ready for the Coloradathon. It’s a 11-day bike, hike and pack raft expedition from the eastern border of Colorado to the western border.

Eric Larsen, Ben Duke and Rebecca Boozan will participate in this thrilling journey. If a polar adventurer, a former pro cyclist and an endurance athlete are not up to the challenge, then good luck to others giving this a try.

It’s about celebrating the value of outdoor lifestyles. According to the Daily Camera (newspaper in Boulder, Colorado, United States), it also aims at raising money for a Golden-based nonprofit. The nonprofit helps youths get out to experience the wilderness.

The trail includes cycling 100 miles for 3 and a half days, 30 miles of hiking, then rafting to the finish along the Colorado River, Rebecca explained. She said the mission aligns with her personnel philanthropy goals of physical endurance mixed with giving back. “At the end of the day, everybody deserves to be able to get outside.”

“This trip just happened to be planned across Colorado, but we could do it across Boulder County in the same way,” Larsen, from Wisconsin, added. He is known for his trips to the arctic. That experience should come in handy when tackling the cooler Colorado elevations.

It all sounds very exciting. Myself, I would have seriously considered joining them on this trip. Except they already have it planned out nicely, and who needs a forth wheel. I will stick with walking to the supermarket as my outdoor adventure.

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