Jeff Bezos values the importance of philanthropy

For those who are concerned for the betterment of society, tabs must be set on three giant companies: Google, Apple and Amazon. (Notice how there’s no need to include Microsoft in this list)

To be frank, Apple Inc. a few years back was a bit worrisome where individuals expressed their concern that the company was not doing enough to aid with charities. Apple has taken this to heart and is involved to some extent. Google has always lent towards charity, though their projects were at times criticized for being more of an elitist aproach.

Amazon’s turn. Bezos has not charged at this endeavor with his usual magnitude of force quite as yet. His foundation focuses on boosting education and child development which reflects more of a Alphabet Inc. style than the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Two months ago Bezos asked the Twitter community to recommend options for future philanthropy projects and tens of thousands of responses that were sent in.

“I’m really glad I asked – the responses have been very helpful and have already changes my thinking about how to approach this,” Bezos responded. He said there’d be “more to come.”

Today Amazon and Whole Foods announced a $1 million matching fund for hurricane relief donations to the American Red Cross.