Interplanetary signal interrupted
星際信號中斷 惑星間の信号が中断
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Chicks We Love 2018
(Dec 2018) This year’s Chicks We Love help our communities in many ways . Ahuja received an associate degree in business administration at Hinds Community College in 2010, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justi

Where Was This Love for George H.W. Bush When He Was President?
(Dec 2018) All of this love, all this admiration . reversing the policies of the Reagan administration. The times were different; the people were different. It seems quaint now. RUSH: See? (impression) “We got

Man discovers a ‘genius’ use for those enormous CVS receipts
(Dec 2018) Some have called him a “genius.” Others say he’s an “innovator.” His contribution to mankind? Figuring out what the heck to do with one of those enormous receipts from CVS. Twitter user @andrewnolan2

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Okay, who turned the channel to CSPAN and then hid the remote?