Interplanetary signal interrupted
星際信號中斷 惑星間の信号が中断
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Ten Ways to Share Non-Toxic Love on Valentine’s Day (and Everyday)
(Feb 2019) Show them our love and appreciation—tell Congress to reject Andrew Wheeler as EPA administrator. Tell the Senate to oppose the nomination of Dow Chemical’s pesticide-pusher Scott Hutchins as Chief Sci

LOVE: Man surprises policewoman at Central Police Station
(Feb 2019) There is no perfect love story and this was not any different as the ‘delegation . Elsewhere in Bomet County, Administration Police Officers celebrated Valentine’s Day with motorists and members of

Heart, Love and Soul announces $3.5 million capital campaign
(Feb 2019) Kreuger said another model considered was the Veterans Administration One Stop in Buffalo . President of the board of Heart, Love and Soul Board, Dr. Whitney Vantine, called the Daybreak fundraising

Ground stop at DFW Airport, Love Field lifted but delays remain
(Feb 2019) Flights were being delayed at DFW Airport and Dallas Love Field on Wednesday afternoon after air . according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The two control towers at DFW Airport remained st

Ground stop at DFW International Airport, Dallas Love Field causes flight delays
(Feb 2019) and the Federal Aviation Administration issued a “ground stop” that caused flight delays Wednesday afternoon. The incident also affected flights arriving and departing at Dallas Love Field. The radar

Love never fails. But …
(Feb 2019) administration, etc. We, however, also need to ensure that our individual knowledge, does not supersede or interfere with the reason we also entered this field. Love. Love for the elders, love in cari

Wheeler hires Bryan Love as new football coach
(Feb 2019) Love, who will also teach in physical education, said he, Jones and the administration share that same vision. “He’s so organized,” Jones said. “Everyone we asked has had nothing but great things to s

Love keeps Caroline couple together, even in senior rehab facility
(Feb 2019) Love has kept Fred and Crystal Pannell together for 60 years . but in the same room, said Jenna Cracknell, administrator. The day before Valentine’s Day, those who had orchestrated the arrangement g

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