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‘We’d love to see it continue’: BPI’s Geoff Taylor on biz’s hopes for HMV
(Jan 2019) We would love to see the government have a look at whether there . And it wasn’t the Q4 music release schedule that led to HMV going into administration? “There hasn’t been the huge the seller on th

Former Utah congresswoman Mia Love lands CNN political commentator job
(Jan 2019) “It’s really frustrating to me because we’re leaving everything in the hands of the administration and that’s where it shouldn’t be,” Love said. “Whenever you consolidate too much power in the White H

Patients love their providers. They are less thrilled about administrative staff, survey finds
(Jan 2019) Patients are more willing than ever to switch doctors, so practices are increasingly treating them like consumers and trying to figure out what they want. They might want to start with their administr

Northwest administrator chosen as Exemplary New Principal
(Jan 2019) “When I moved back, I knew I wanted to get into administration but I wasn’t ready yet,” Sherman . opportunity to be the elementary principal at Northwest and absolutely love what I do.” The district

New Polis administration programs may stress Loveland’s commitment to local control
(Jan 2019) But, based on each entity’s stated policy aims, any Polis administration programs that pass costs to localities or erode local control are expected to concern the city of Loveland. Policy areas in whi

E.J. Dionne: Tough love from Nancy Pelosi
(Jan 2019) She adds pointedly: “We don’t want the administration describing the traditional congressional . “We want America’s heart to be full of love as we go forward.” A delightful thought. But for Trump, i

1251 New Swim Jobs You Might Love
(Jan 2019) We have a well run administration that handles all volunteer work and other tasks. We enjoyed the same coach for the past 3 years and lost her to a move so we are seeking to hire another solid

Belmont’s town administrator reflects on past year
Jan 16th, 2019 02:16 UTC I love serving the people of the town,” said Garvin . “She is a smart, hard-working and a talented Town Administrator. She approaches every issue in a thoughtful way and dedicates her efforts to fin

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