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Teacher receives merit award for sharing her love of Spanish
(Dec 2018) BELOIT – A Beloit Memorial High School graduate of 1996 has shared her love of Spanish for almost two decades and recently received the 2018 Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers (WAFLT) Recogni

The Language of Love, German?
(Dec 2018) To most of us the language of love is flowing and gentle, familiar and relatable. Everyone wants to know how to say, “I Love You” in French to impress their petit ami. We dream of walking hand

Margaret Josephs thinks Danielle Staub needs to ‘Eat, Pray, Love’
(Dec 2018) Josephs recently told Page Six that a friendship is “off the table unless she’s willing to go on the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ tour for about a good year. Go to the ashram and then I’ll think

St. Gianna’s mission is labor of love
(Dec 2018) Volunteers Vicki Gage and Kathie Cracium-Wright fold clothes at the St. Gianna Molla Pregnancy Outreach Center in Fredonia. Great gifts do not come only at Christmastime. Many are delivered daily, esp

On learning to love yourself through poetry
(Dec 2018) Whether performed by her in front of an audience or on the page, as in “Peluda,” her first collection . “In these poems I’m trying to find the best way to love myself.” So far, the reaction from rea

Falling In Love With the Women Who Taught Me Not To Be Nice
(Dec 2018) She comes onto the page like a hurricane . and that the world is more complicated than it seems. I fall in love with her and Jane, with their middle fingers to the patriarchy, their unabashed

Julia Roberts’ impressive ‘holes’ and other typos that we love
(Dec 2018) This headline, printed on the front page of Cambridge News last year, was followed by the riveting read “insert story here” and illustrated with a picture of some text saying “picture goes here”. Unle

Pete Davidson is looking for love on a dating app
(Dec 2018) While Ariana Grande might believe that “true love doesn’t exist,” her former fiancé, Pete Davidson, is looking for it online. A source close to Davidson told Page Six that he’s joined an

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