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Shah Rukh Khan: The beauty of love is that you don’t need to demand or beg for it
(Dec 2018) Shah Rukh Khan on his idea of romance, giving undivided attention to his next, the connection between stardom and innate goodness, and why his younger son AbRam makes for the best travel companion

Photo Flash: Fall In Love With BEAUTY AND THE BEAST At Theatre Under The Stars
(Dec 2018) Twenty-five years ago, Theatre Under The Stars helped usher in a new musical era with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The show became an international sensation that played a remarkable 13-year run on

There Is No Truth Without Beauty
(Dec 2018) that we will have some sort of emotional response to truth presented without love. Some will find the beauty in the presentation and will approve of what they have been told; others, however, will dis

Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade On Raising Their Kids To Combat Racism And Colorism
(Dec 2018) The actress told Oprah they plan to constantly tell Kaavia James that her skin “is rich” and “holds so much history and beauty and love.” Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade sat down with Oprah Winfrey to

Celeb stylists on the 2018 trends to love and leave behind: Bike shorts, power suits and tiny sunglasses
on 14th of Dec 2018 originally appeared on From cycling shorts to sunglasses three times too

J. Krishnamurti – Love freedom goodness beauty are one Video
(Dec 2018) This is the last talk.We were talking about the art of living yesterday.I think we ought to go much more into it.Most of us have given very little thought to thatwe have hardly enquired into the natur

Jenna Dewan Is Taking Her Love of Nontoxic Beauty Products to the Next Level — and It’s Good News for Her Daughter!
(Dec 2018) Jenna Dewan loves clean beauty products — and now she’s spreading the word. The actress and dancer, 38, has teamed up with the essential oils brand Young Living to be the brand ambassador

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