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Be smart, stay fit and feel great right now

We’ve started arguing with devices, to turn the lights off, set room temperatures to cooler — and blast music loud enough to reach the neighbors. The future has arrived and people’s fitness is in jeopardy. Time to hunt through the clothes basket and find something athletic to wear. Then lets go outside for a walk … of 60,000 women who reported their exercise habits.

Shelby Rogers breaks record in women’s US Open

When you fall, you can lie there and enjoy the sunlight on your face, unless it is raining — well then you should do what Shelby Rogers did — get up and win something. Win two rows of Tetris. Win guessing the weather forecast for Greenland. Win the longest women’s US Open tennis match known to mankind. She won it after 3 hours, 33 minutes.

Kayla Itsines thinks the Internet needs to stop creating difficulty for women

The up and coming fitness guru, who is considered one of the world’s most powerful fitness influencer, Kayla Itsines has created a world of healthy living through her exercise app. Downloaded from the Apple Store, it has more than a few million users. Only at the age of 26, Kayla Itsines from Australia, is changing the medium that placed her on the world map.