Interplanetary signal interrupted
星際信號中斷 惑星間の信号が中断
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Kindness and a Love of Learning: Meet the 2019 Commencement Speakers
(Apr 2019) Attendees at the University of Utah’s 150 th commencement ceremony can look forward to hearing speeches from two incredible individuals: Reverend France A. Davis and student speaker T. Alisa Cloward.

Kindness comes in a birthday cake
Apr 25th, 2019 00:19 UTC Thank you so much for your kindness and for being such a beautiful reminder of God’s love.

Carry out a ‘random act of kindness’ to spread the joy on official Love Milton Keynes Day
(Apr 2019) People all over the city are being urged to carry out a random act of kindness to a friend or stranger during the official LoveMK day next week. The ‘spreading the love’ fest aims to promote Milton

Gr8 Acts of Kindness winner goes the extra mile to help others
on 24th of Apr 2019 “We love our Gene,” Dawn Sims . That’s why Gene Ellis you are our next winner in the Gr8 Acts of Kindness,” I explain. A crowd gathered on the lawn of the school erupts into applause. The students

Love at First Sight Is Real — I Know Because It Happened to Me
(Apr 2019) He had this light and kindness that radiated from his smile. I was hooked. Love at first sight is so real, but it is surely a complicated feeling. Love at first sight is so real, but it is surely a

Raleigh man who was shot by police is remembered at vigil for his kindness and generosity
(Apr 2019) They said his heart was filled with kindness. And they said they did not understand why . We are sharing our grief and our love for Soheil and trying to comfort the family as much as possible.” An

Maconaquah Elementary students learning that kindness matters
(Apr 2019) “Trying to just get back to that idea that this is really important and we need to take care of the people around us, the people we love. “Just a really simple way of keeping that idea out there that

His kindness went viral, but here is a Dallas
(Apr 2019) “Mr. Jenkins didn’t want any money. He didn’t really even want the press. He just wanted to show his love for the kids,” PTA President Jennifer Wilcox told me this week. The simple-spoken Jenkins says

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