Corporate philanthropy can aid economy

That’s what three philanthropy experts told delegates to the third of a series of Dubai Economy Talks, this one entitled Blending Social and Financial Value, at the Armani Hotel, Downtown Dubai, on Wednesday.


Changing face of philanthropy (Mar 2017), What does philanthropy mean to India? For a country battling with inequalities at so many levels – health, gender, income – international aid . and economic inequality. A 44% match.

Sustainability: A New Path to Corporate and NGO Collaborations (Mar 2017), Between the 1950s and 1970s, CSR took shape in the form of pre-corporate philanthropy, a largely disparate . human rights, and economic development. Only 24% similar.

Can the GOP Actually Pass Tax Reform? (Mar 2017), Republican supply-siders tend to assume—completely sans evidence—that cuts to the top marginal tax and corporate tax rates juice the economy to grow at 4 or 5 . mortgage interest deduction or charitable giving deduction. Only 22% similar.

Can Philanthropy Save the Media? (Mar 2017), And it’s vital that philanthropy responds to this . Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) corporate model to news organizations The L3C combines for-profit and nonprofit characteristics in ways that can attract new capital resources to news . A 43% match.