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This Popular Air Lounger Doesn’t Require a Pump to Inflate — and It Has Over 1,200 Five
(since Jun, 2020) The Wekapo Inflatable Lounger is popular on Amazon because it’s comfortable and easy to inflate. It’s great for the beach, picnics, camping, and outdoor activities

Madden 21 shades Justin Herbert, ranks Jordan Love higher
Jul 09th, 2020 14:14 UTC Ahead of the 2020 NFL season, rookie quarterback Justin Herbert is getting the Madden treatment. EA Sports released its preliminary rating for the rookie quarterback class and the Los Angeles Chargers

Hailee Steinfeld learned to love her beauty marks
Jul 09th, 2020 14:45 UTC Hailee Steinfeld has learned to love her beauty blemishes after they were Photoshopped for magazines and made her feel ”ugly”.

The Big Ten’s decision is a last-ditch effort to save the 2020 CFB season
Jul 09th, 2020 16:22 UTC They want to play the best teams in the country all the time, and there is no way we’re going to go away from that mentality to try to schedule down to appease—whatever, I guess I should stop there

‘Queer Eye’ EPs On Season 5 Highlights, ‘We’re In Japan!’ Challenges & The Impact Of COVID
Jul 09th, 2020 10:48 UTC Over the last couple of years, executive producers Jennifer Lane and Michael Williams have had their hands full. Working on two new seasons of Queer Eye, as well as a four-episode international season

Falling in Love With Cristin Milioti, Again and Again (and Again)
Jul 09th, 2020 05:57 UTC The “How I Met Your Mother” alum stars in “Palm Springs,” a “Groundhog Day”-esque, time loop rom-com and Sundance’s biggest sale ever. It is about to make her a Very Big Deal.

Ranking NBA’s Top 15 Small Forwards This Season
on 08th of Jul 2020 Who ordered the ranking of the NBA ‘s best small forwards with a side of extra-saucy takes? Before we open up the opinion factory, though, be sure to peruse the other installments

5-at-10: When the defense is more damaging, More ESPN radio thoughts, TSSAA pauses, Wonder Years reboot
Jul 09th, 2020 07:25 UTC But you have to think that as the clock continues to tick, by this time next week, you have to believe that a plan needs to be in place, right?

Sailor Moon: 5 Pokemon Sailor Uranus Could Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To)
Jul 09th, 2020 15:14 UTC An unlikely match-up? Maybe. But we’d still be interested in finding out which Pokémon Sailor Uranus would win or lose against in a fight.

D’Andre Walker ready to contribute after missing 2019 season
Jul 09th, 2020 08:38 UTC The Tennessee Titans concluded the 2019 season with a magical run towards the AFC Championship game. They won two road games and established themselves as one of the elite teams in the NFL. Last

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