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Lucifer is the most binged-watched show on Netflix, so we’re almost definitely getting a season 5
(May 2019) Season four hit the top spot just over one week after its release according to TV Time . 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

The Biggest Game of Thrones Fan Theories From Season 8 That Are Now Proven Wrong
(May 2019) Well, it’s almost over, people . That also means no more speculation, so all those fan theories we love so much are closing up shop. Honestly, reading Game of Thrones theories this season was more

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 6 Preview: This Is The End, Beautiful Friend
on 18th of May 2019 While there is still much to love . rushed in its final two seasons. Granted, there have been some amazing moments in Season 8, and even its more controversial episodes (the two big battles) have

Come Watch The Full DOOM PATROL Pilot Episode For Free Ahead Of The Season Finale
on 18th of May 2019 Live-Action Mister Miracle And Big Barda Series Two DC characters who don’t get enough love outside . a third season of Young Justice. And with that era of DC animation ending with Justice League

These Asian veggies might be better for our volatile growing season than European staples
(May 2019) Its offerings are now widely grown by everyone . Those elongated falls are perfect for planting cool-season Asian varieties such as mustard greens, mizunas, cabbages, radishes and turnips. They will

For Tiger Woods, the Love Is as Big as Ever
(May 2019) And yet Tiger love thrives, seemingly a function of America’s infatuation with stories of redemption and its ability to compartmentalize personal . shows his popularity tracks almost exactly with

How ‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Is Submitting Correspondents for Emmys
(May 2019) Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” may have finally found a way to get its correspondents some Emmy love. In a first . despite appearing in almost every episode of a

‘Blacklist’ Finale: Captive Audience Awaiting Next Season Now Includes Red Reddington
(May 2019) JOHN EISENDRATH: At its core . resolution to the season-long story while simultaneously blowing everything up in the process — and doing that in a surprising way. I love that the resolution

Game Almost Over: Read the Best Fan Theories on How Game of Thrones Will End
(May 2019) Our watch is almost . love and the fact that he bent the knee to her, Kit Harington‘s Jon Snow got a stark dose of reality when Emilia Clarke‘s Daenerys Targaryen went all Mad Queen and torched King

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