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CBS Renewed Love Island Despite Lackluster Ratings. Can the Show Find its Happily Ever After in Season Two?
(Aug 2019) sunny locale should be one of the first things on the second season’s pre-production wish list. Kissing in the middle of a downpour is almost never as romantic as in The Notebook, basically. To a

Big Mouth Season 3 Comes Out On Netflix This October
on 23rd of Aug 2019 Streaming giant Netflix confirmed that its puberty . show’s second season, which streamed in its entirety on Netflix on October 5, 2018. The show unleashed an approximate 50-minute Valentine’s Day

‘Power’ Season 6 Spoilers: Joesph Sikora Says ‘Intensity’ Between Tommy and Ghost Will Have Fans ‘On Their Toes’
on 23rd of Aug 2019 It seemed that almost nothing could get the . up penetrating the chest of Ghost’s longtime love and mistress, U.S. Assistant Attorney Angela Valdez. When the show returns with its sixth and final

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7: Release month confirmed, plot and possible spoilers
on 23rd of Aug 2019 If you need more persuading as to why this engaging, ambitious series is essential viewing, check out our love letter to some of its greatest elements . after being framed and was almost sentenced

‘The Affair’ returns to Montauk in its final season, with a bleak, futuristic depiction of The End
(Aug 2019) The camera pulls back at the end of the second episode of “The Affair” (returning 9 p.m. Sunday on Showtime for its fifth and final season) to reveal an aerial . Montauk of the future does almost

“Bachelor in Paradise” Pays Off its Queer Relationship Promise in a Major Way
(Aug 2019) If you’ve been watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise . the cast gushing about how cute the women are together, and how real their love feels, but in spite of the almost saccharine support it

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