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‘Lovecraft Country’ Season 1 Finale: Why Ruby’s Ending Is a Shocking Disservice
on 19th of Oct 2020 We take a closer look at the season finale of HBO’s Lovecraft Country and the end of Ruby’s (Wunmi Mosaku) storyline.

Netflix’s “You” Adds New Characters for Season 3
(Oct 2020) Season 2 of You might have ended with Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn seeking a fresh start, but trouble is almost definitely in store. The popular Netflix series just announced two brand-new characters

The Voice Season 19 Premiere Recap: Did Somebody Order Comfort Food? — Plus, Who Inspired This Reaction?
on 19th of Oct 2020 See ya later, sweatpants!” said Kelly Clarkson at the start of Season 19 of The Voice. And bless its heart, the return of the NBC sing-off Monday provided a much-needed dose of what we vaguely

“Who doesn’t love hot cheese?”: Cookbook author shares grilled cheese tips & a creamy burrata pasta
on 19th of Oct 2020 Salon spoke with Polina Chesnakova about her new cookbook “Hot Cheese” and got the recipe to her ooey, gooey pasta

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Let’s Get Dangerous!
on 19th of Oct 2020 Crucially though, while this episode delights in its references it never leans on them. Yes it’s a Darkwing Duck love fest but it never forgets . sowing the seeds of this episode since the first

3 Key Leads of ‘Glee’ Almost Didn’t Come Back After Season 3
(Oct 2020) Glee’ is well-known for many things, especially its main characters. While many stayed throughout the series, three originally weren’t supposed to.

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