Students learn about philanthropy thanks to Learning to Give grant

INDIAN RIVER- The Indian River Headstart and Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency, NEMCSA, Great Start Readiness Program were given a grant earlier this month to encourage philanthropy with their students.


Lorain County youth learn about philanthropy (Mar 2017), “You don’t have to be rich. We’re students, and we’re in philanthropy,” Skolnik said. “You can give as little or as much as you can, and the effect and the impact that you’re trying to make is the real point. A 44% match.

Service dog helps local students learn about visually impaired community (Mar 2017), Salisbury, MD - Students at James M. Bennett High School got some surprise visitors Friday thanks to the Lion Club of Salisbury. 26% alike.

Prioritizing student learning in Maryland on 28th of Mar 2017, The General Assembly may pass House Bill 978 and Senate Bill 871, which would keep the state board from prioritizing student learning or being “clear . supported and others opposed the visitors, giving the impression of rough equivalence. Only 24% similar.

Students learn elements of cattle production at Purebred Beef Teaching Unit on 28th of Mar 2017, The purebred beef teaching unit structures their mission on providing undergraduate students with “practical experience in breeding, feeding, 29% alike.