Thai jungle seen as breeding ground for Indochinese tigers

Conservationists say they have evidence that the critically endangered Indochinese tiger is breeding in a Thai jungle, giving hope for the survival of … tigers are estimated to remain in two Asian countries, Thailand and Myanmar.


Rare Indochinese Tiger Population Discovered in Eastern Thailand on 28th of Mar 2017, A rare population of Indochinese tigers has been discovered and filmed in the jungles of Eastern Thailand.The tigers were found thanks to the efforts of Freeland and Panthera, A 45% match.

Wild Thai tiger cub footage sparks hope for endangered species on 28th of Mar 2017, Images of four mothers and six cubs, captured by camera traps in an eastern Thai jungle throughout 2016, 29% alike.

Wild Thai tiger cub photos spark hope for endangered cat on 28th of Mar 2017, A handout photo released yesterday by wild cat preservation group Panthera of two Indochinese tigers roaming the forest in eastern Thailand. A 60% match.

Highly Endangered ‘Indochinese’ Tiger Species Declared ‘Extinct’: Report (months ago), Conservationists in Cambodia have declared the endangered “Indochinese” tiger species “functionally extinct,” confirming that a massive conservation effort to reintroduce breeding populations is currently under way. Only 24% similar.

Stitching, Tigers Found Deep In the Thai Jungle Sparks Hope For the Rare Species on 28th of Mar 2017, The group of small tigers are one of two breeding populations of Indochinese tigers left in the wild. Conservationists called the discovery ‘nothing short of miraculous’ after the tigers have been nearly wiped out by poaching in the last few decades.